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Acceptable Usage Policy

Students' must  read this  before logging into their Office365 account.

What is expected? 

Students are responsible for appropriate behaviour on the school’s virtual network.  

The use of the platform is a privilege not a right and may be revoked if abused. 

School rules for behaviour and communications apply.  

It is expected that users will comply with strict standards set out below.  


Do’s and Don’ts 

These guidelines are to follow to prevent the less of network privileges at school. 

  • You will use your school username to log on to the platform which will remain with you throughout your time at school. You will have a fixed password. 

  • Do not reveal your password to anyone. If you think someone has learned your password then change it immediately. 

  • Do not use another person’s password. 

  • Do not interfere with the operation of the platform by installing illegal applications, shareware, or freeware. 

  • Do not violate copyright laws. 

  • Do not view, send or display inappropriate or offensive messages or pictures. 

  • Do notify a member of staff immediately, if by accident you encounter materials which violate the rules of appropriate use. 

  • Do not attempt to break or bypass our web filters and security system. 

  • BE PREPARED to be held accountable for your actions and for the loss of privileges if the Rules of Appropriate Use are violated. 

Agree and Login


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