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The Prefect team is made up of Year 10 students who have demonstrated the ability to be exceptional leaders and role models, actively participating in volunteering efforts in the school and wider community, and demonstrating continuous efforts to improve the school.

Prefects work with Year 7 students to support with their transition to secondary school and they mentor KS3 students to help them make progress academically. Prefects also run workshops and assemblies on key issues such as mental health and healthy relationships and they are undergoing training in counselling to enable them to better support younger students.

Current Prefects 2018/19 are:

Linda  10A, Marnie   10B, Maisha  10C, Aamilah 10C, Neelima 10C, Shardonney 10C, Zainab 10C, Monia   10C, Anais 10C, Tor 10D, Zarin 10E, Joey 10E, Miaad 10E, Shajeda 10E, Waleed10E, Giovanna 10G, Naima, 10G Millie 10H, Sajeda 10H & Shah 10H.


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