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Year 11 Lift Off

Year 11 students have the unique opportunity to take part in our “Lift Off” Programme. This involves events as varied as Taster Lessons, lectures, and BBQs. Students are also expected to complete a transition unit of work for each of their chosen subjects, as well as “Curiosity Sheets,” helping them to learn about all the different subjects on offer – this is because we believe students should know about more than just their own subjects, but should be developed and well-rounded individuals who know about the world around them.

A Curiosity Sheet includes; a book to read, a podcast to listen to, someone to follow on twitter, a film to watch and a website to look at.  We hope to spark a student’s interest in all sorts of subjects, not just their three/four A Level choices.

The Transition unit of work also includes different tasks such as making a vision board, emailing teachers for feedback, watching lectures, a creative competition and, of course, subject specific tasks.

Our A Level Offer

A Level Students at George Green’s Sixth Form are offered the full range of academic subjects to study. These include:







English Literature

French Spanish






The Business School

The Business School is a key part of our sixth form offer.  Our Business and Finance Programme (L3 Btec National Diploma and L.I.B.F) is very popular and taught by experienced and expert teachers.  We have a highly successful track record of students following this Pathway from L2 Btec to L3 and on to university to study for degrees in Accountancy, Finance, Marketing, Economics, Business Studies, Criminology, Events Management, Engineering, Biomedical Sciences and Politics.

Business School students are often fast tracked onto our Career Ready and National Talent Academy Programmes.

Level 2 Offer

Students joining our one year access programme in Year 12 have the choice of two pathways.

Pathway 1 

Students complete two Level 2 Btec courses, choosing from:

  • Business Studies
  • ICT
  • Science
  • Travel & Tourism

Pathway 2

Students choose one subject from:

  • Business Studies
  • ICT
  • Science
  • Travel & Tourism

They also continue with maths and/or English at GCSE level.

 We expect the vast majority of our Level 2 students to continue onto a Level 3 Btec the following year.

Extended Project Qualification

The EPQ is an academic research project, worth half an A Level. 

It is an exciting opportunity for you to hone your research, evaluation, critical thinking, essay writing and public speaking skills, giving you a great groundwork for your further studies at university.  The best thing about the EPQ is that you get to choose your own area of research and it can be about whatever you want.  We will guide you through the whole process and work in close partnership with the University of Greenwich to help you develop the skills you need to be successful.  For some students, it will even help you get into university as you can talk about it in your personal statement and some universities will even lower grade requirements for students who have completed the EPQ.


At George Green’s Sixth Form we firmly believe that all students can achieve at the very highest levels. We have dedicated V.E.S.P.A. lessons to help you develop the right mindset to succeed.

So what is V.E.S.P.A? 

V – Vision, all students must have an end goal in mind. Do you want to be a doctor? A lawyer? An Accountant? Maybe you aren’t sure yet, but your goal is to achieve 3 A* at A Level – you can do it and we will help you get there.

E – Effort, have you got what it takes to put all of your effort into your studies? Research has shown that the students who achieve the very highest grades put at least 20 hours extra into their studies on top of class-work and home-work. We have dedicated study periods to make sure you tick off those hours!

S – Systems, how do you organize yourself? Are your notes on separate bits of paper at the bottom of your bag? Do they get left there until exam time? Do you decide on the spur of the bottom what academic work you are going to do at that moment?  Or…………do you keep your notes organized and in one place? Do you transform your notes into revision cards every evening? Do you plan your study time effectively? Every morning in registration your form tutor will help you organize yourself and plan for the day to make sure you don’ waste a single second of learning time!

P – Practice, simple!  Just practice, practice, practice! Write a timed essay, complete past papers, make your revision cards, use websites such as Quizlet or UpLearn, constant practice is the key!

A – Attitude, it is so easy to give up when we get things wrong or the work gets hard!  Yes – it will be hard and you will get things wrong, but the George Green’s Sixth Form Student is resilient, she/he asks for help and feedback and keeps going until they get it right!

We will explore all these areas together and make sure you have the right tools to support you through your studies.

Year Leader & Learning Mentor

At George Green’s Sixth Form, your Year Leader will be there to guide and support you throughout your time with us. Our experience Year Leader will be checking on your personal well-being, your attendance and punctuality, as well making sure you are keeping up to date with all your academic work.

We can also offer a dedicated Sixth Form Learning Mentor who is there to work with all students, but especially those who may need a little extra boost. Our Learning Mentor also runs workshops in areas especially adapted to your needs – for example; problem solving, confidence & leadership as well as supporting you through your UCAS application process.

Scholars’ Programme

Any student joining us with all grade eights and nines will automatically be enrolled on our Scholars’ Programme. 

The George Green’s Sixth Form Scholar will be entitled to: 

  • a study based residential with all tuition/accommodation free of charge. 
  • travel expenses for university visits and interviews. 
  • coaching and interview preparation with an Oxbridge Graduate. 
  • first consideration for the Access Project. 
  • extra funding to support subject specific trips/visits. 
  • study four subjects at A Level instead of three. 
  • membership to our exclusive Monday Night Club with sessions designed to support you through university applications and develop your cultural capital. 

Alumni Tutoring

We are always delighted to welcome back former students to help tutor Year 13 students who need a bit of extra academic support. We only accept alumni who have achieved A*/A in their subjects onto our Alumni Tutoring Programme, so you can be assured, not only of the very best teaching but the very best extra tutoring.

Aspiring Medics Programme 

Our Special Aspiring Medics Programme (AMP) is designed exclusively for high achieving students who have a serious aspiration to study for a medical degree. The AMP offers a range of opportunities to give students an insight into the medical profession and support them through the application process. All aspiring medics will also be expected to complete an EPQ qualification and join the Brilliant Club.

The aspiring George Green’s Medic on this pathway will benefit from the following:

  • A paid membership to Medify worth over £100 which offers a comprehensive guide to applying to medical school, practice papers for the UCAT/BMAT papers (with online tutorials), as well as advice and guidance on securing vital work experience placements.
  • A dedicated medical society through the Access Project, offering interview practice, visits to universities, lectures and support with applications.
  • Mock interviews
  • Working with SAMDA (Student Assisted Medical and Dental Applications) – this is run by current medical students at St. Barts & The London and involves a “buddy scheme” with a current medical student, talks on topics ranging from personal statements to ethics, as well as role-playing ethical and clinical scenarios.
  • Sample Lectures at Clare College, University of Cambridge
  • Immersive experiences with InvestIN, including the Young Doctor Programme
  • A substantial bursary of up to £5,000 when you enroll on your medical, dental or nursing degree at university.

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