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Chair of Governors from October 2018 Les Chapman

Vice Chairs: William Roberts and Kieran Healy

In addition to full governing body meetings, there are meetings of the three committees

Business Committee

Curriculum and Learning Committees

Strategy Review Group

Les Chapman

Les has been a governor at George Green’s since 2015. With a background in the Navy, including the Canadian Navy, Royal Navy, serving as a Marine Consultant and Company Director, Les also sits as a founder trustee on behalf of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners.

Crediting the school’s longstanding history and the support of the HCMM and The Shipwrights as unique, Les chose to become a governor to give back to the community and provide positive experiences for students, helping them to learn and excel.

“As Chair of governors at George Green’s School, I am provided with the opportunity to see the students achieve, both academically and personally. I look forward to continuing my role as a governor to the school and working together to transform the lives and outcomes of our students”.

Tim Aldrich

As a Nominated Governor, Tim joined the governing body in Spring 2018, as a member of the Business Committee. With a background in consultancy focusing on public sector organisations including higher education, and a current role as the Assistant Director for Strategy at the General Medical Council, Tim believes his knowledge can provide valuable insights to the school through his role as a governor.

Tim chose to be governor to fulfil his wishes of supporting his local community, and to gain a better understanding of education. Praising the school for its sense of energy and enthusiasm from both staff and students, Tim looks forward to embedding the school further within the community, and beyond.

“My vision for George Green’s School is to be recognised locally and beyond the Isle of Dogs as an outstanding school; we are rooted in the local community, but our horizons and ambitions for the future are broad and forward-thinking”.


Hugh Fraser

Hugh has worked as a governor for our school since 2012 and as Chairman of the Curriculum and Learning Committee since 2014. As the head of EMEA Corporate Communications at Morgan Stanley, Hugh notes our network of prestigious partnerships and networks in Canary Wharf and beyond as a strength of the school.

With a vision of providing every child at George Green’s School with a great and unique learning experience, he highlights his favourite aspect of his role as governor as seeing the strategic decisions made by the governing board flow through the school to success for students.

“I look forward to the school being recognised by Ofsted as Outstanding and becoming an example of best practise for other schools in our local community, to provide a better educational provision for all”.

Robert Kyriakides

A former student of George Green’s and graduated in 1967; Robert has been a governor at our school for over two decades. As Chair of the George Green’s School Trust Funds, his responsibilities rest with providing financial assistance to the school and students.

With a background in Law, Robert founded his own law firm practising in the field of commercial law, four years after graduating from the University of Manchester. His vision, to improve and broaden academic standards is supported by the schools’ stimulating environment that he believes is the strength of the school. Robert looks forward to developing the experience of students at the school and ensuring the ethos is maintained in the long term.

“As a member of the George Green’s alumni, I wanted to become a governor to give back to the community, and most importantly to help the school, which has helped me so much throughout my life and shaped me to be the person I am today.”


Jon Waghorne

Having served on the governing body for over two and half years, Jon sits on the Curriculum Committee in addition to serving the governing body as a Co-Opted Governor. With a background in the consultancy sector and in the HM Treasury; Jon now works in the department of public spending policy, including education and this motivated his decision to become a governor, to put his theoretical understanding of education with a hands on experience.

His vision for the future of George Green’s is to become an Outstanding school, something he believes we are on track to achieve, and to further embed themselves as part of the community, and play a role in it. Jon believes that the unique heritage of the school enables us to be a cultural touchpoint for residents of the Isle of Dogs and old and new, and wants this to flourish.

“I really enjoy being part of a school culture that has a clear vision for its future and what it wants to achieve, and working alongside staff and students that have the talent, dedication and determination to match their ambition. I hope to contribute to this as governor, by providing an insight to the broader political process and picture”.

Vicky Gainey

As both a governor and a teacher at George Green’s School, Vicky has a unique insight into the impacts of the governing body onto our students. Having worked at the school as a Humanities teacher for 10 years and in roles including Head of Citizenship, she also now takes the role of Head of PSHCE and Student Participation and has served the Curriculum and Learning Committee for two years.

Her favorite aspect of working at the school, from both a teaching and governing perspective is the inclusivity of the school, providing the best education for all students. Working with a range of enthusiastic students who want to bring about positive change in the school and local community further inspires her role as a governor.

“I chose to become a governor to represent the staff voice, in decisions regarding the future of the school. I look forward to working together with staff, students and governors to realise the vision of George Green’s School, to continue our progression towards exceptional outcomes for students and retaining a focus on the whole child and their wellbeing”.

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