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Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to George Green’s School.

At George Green’s School, we pride ourselves on our passion for learning. The school has a long and successful history of providing an excellent education for young people on the Isle of Dogs, through an exciting and rich learning environment, committed to the development and achievement of the whole student.

Our mission; to be a school a traditional place of learning with a rich history, underpinned by a commitment to providing exceptional experiences through clubs, quality teaching and impressive links with prestigious businesses and universities, is mirrored by the high expectations we have of our students and the traditional values of hard-work and discipline we instil.

Students at George Green’s are able to achieve excellent results because of our high standards of teaching and support; allowing them to become high-achieving, independent learners, who will go on to the university or career of their choice. As well as achieving academic success, our students develop into respectful, caring individuals who play an active role in their community. Choosing a secondary school for your child is one of the most important decisions a parent or carer can make, and I believe that the offer we have at George Green’s is truly unique.

At George Green’s, students enjoy a well ordered, safe and respectful environment. Our smart uniform has increased student pride; we have a strong support system with students at the centre, helping them to achieve the best that they can, and an extensive range of enrichment opportunities for all students.

On behalf of all students and staff, we are all immensely proud of our school and I feel incredibly fortunate to be Principal of the school. This website will provide an insight into the vibrant, nurturing and inclusive learning environment that is George Green’s and we welcome visitors to the school. Our promise to you is that we will work in partnership to make sure your child is as successful as they can possibly be.

Ms Jill Baker, Principal


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