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6th Form Extra

6th form extra! (Be an “and……..” person)

You will be in direct competition for university places and later, jobs with students from locally, nationally and internationally.  They will all have high grades………….but the George Green’s Sixth Form Student stands out!
The George Green’s Sixth Form Student is an “and……” person. She/he has great grades AND has also………………..

So what is 6th form extra?

We have put together a whole range of opportunities for you to help you develop even further into well rounded young adults.  These include:

Cultural Capital Lectures:

Being an “and………” person means knowing about more than just your academic subjects. The George Green’s Sixth Form Student can discuss all sorts of areas of interest with others and can make informed judgements.  With this in mind we have put together a series of lectures to pique your curiosity and maybe spark a new interest.  Examples of this year’s lectures include:

  • King Lear and Donald Trump – a comparison
  • The Ultimate Professional
  • UK Politics
  • Why we should all be feminists
  • Scientific Research


Every year all sixth students have the opportunity to take part in societies on a weekly basis. The themes of the societies change every year depending on the interests of the staff and students but examples include:

  • Chess
  • Gardening
  • Philosophy
  • 3D design
  • Ted Ed.
  • Debating

Career Ready

An excellent opportunity for our Business School Students. You will be allocated a mentor from one of the big businesses in London and you will also have four- six week internship there. During the internship you will work a full 9 – 5 job, shadow members of staff and be given specific project to work, which you will then present to senior leaders in the organization. Not only does it look great on your personal statement but you get paid a full time wage and some students are even offered part-time work as a result of their internship!

National Talent Academy

George Green’s Sixth Form is delighted to be the only sixth form in the country to be partnered with the National Talent Academy. 

Please watch our video here – for more information and start thinking about your application to join the NTA now! 


Each session with the Toastmasters will help you to become more adept at public speaking – you will take part in sessions which are designed to help you grow your speaking skills and confidence and led by professional former or current toast masters.  You will be challenged to develop “on-the spot” thinking and speech as well as delivering prepared speeches.  Of course – you will be given feedback every time to help you do even better next time.

Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club offers challenging courses taught by world class researchers. Students in the Brilliant club gain vital experience of university-style learning in small group tutorials, as well as the opportunity to visit two highly-selective universities.

Brilliant Club students are supported to develop skills to help them become “university-ready”, including critical thinking skills and meta-cognition.

Finally, students write a dissertation, which is graded against university criteria and have the opportunity to take part in a university style graduation.

Access Project

Each student on The Access Project at George Green’s Sixth Form receives key support with their academic development, their university applications and their transition to university.
They are matched with a one-to-one A-Level tutor in a subject of their preference.
The tutor will have a degree in the subject, and will provide you with free subject specific support once a week, saving you £30-£50 every week.
Students and tutors arrange these sessions independently on their own time, outside of school.
In school, a University Access Officer will be there to support your every query regarding applying to university, alongside scheduled workshops, trips and 1-1 meetings to support this specifically.

“Overall it has been a huge help and I would recommend it to any student who wants to better their academic life and opportunities for the future.” - Current Access Project student, Y13

Mark Evison Foundation

We encourage our students at George Green’s Sixth Form to become well rounded individuals and to always challenge themselves and develop their personal skills such as confidence, resilience, planning, teamwork, and leadership. 

This is very much part of our ethos of being principled, adventurous, creative, collaborative, analytical and resilient. As such, a number of our students have received funding of up to £500 to fulfill their personal challenges. This has ranged from walking across Hadrian’s wall, cycling to distant places and building an architectural model.

Find out about some of the stories here: 

What challenge would you want to complete?  

Work Placements and Summer Schools

  • InvestIN 
  • Sutton Trust 

We are a partnership school with InvestIn which means that we are eligible to limited number of free spaces for students to have an immersive experience of their dream career and gain some work experience. We prioritise students that we think would benefit the most. These experiences can be paid for privately for about £150-£250 per person. Our students have found these workshops, even when they had to go online, incredibly useful and eye-opening. They have explored law, engineering, psychology, dentistry and  there are even more opportunities available.  To find out about what areas they include see:  

Every year we also have our high academic achieving students participate in the Sutton Trust Summer School where they can experience what university life is like at the most selective universities in the UK. These programmes usually run for a week during the school holidays and are free to attend. As part of this, students experience what it is like to live on campus and explore academic taster sessions in undergraduate degrees. For more information please visit: 

Both of these programmes help students decide on their future career / academic pathway and will provide them with material to use on their personal statements when applying for university, apprenticeships or jobs in the future.  

The George Green’s Bursary:

The George Green’s Sixth Form Student will arrive at university or at their higher level apprenticeship with an extra £1,000 in his/her pocket.  This is thanks to the generosity of the George Green’s Trust who provide this bursary for every single student moving on to higher education at the end of their time with us. 

Students who study medicine, dentistry or nursing are offered substantially more.
Last Year’s Fatema Omar has been sent o
ff to university to study adult nursing with a bursary of £4,000 per year for the entirety of her degree – such a great opportunity. 


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